Scholarly, Experienced and Local

We live and breathe Istanbul.
We give you the big picture.
We are inspirational and good storytellers.


We toured Turkey in buses for years and we know the country well. You can relate to the references we make. We talk about our culture, our traditions, the predominant religion, and women’s role in society. Every one of us have university degrees and we study continually to learn more about Turkey and Istanbul.


Shared between the partner guides: one has a background in journalism, arts editor, MA in history of religions, civil engineer, architectural history and art historian. We are avid readers and have a deep knowledge and passion for Istanbul. With our expertise of 17 years, we tailor walking itineraries for you–All are very flexible and always offer the best of the real world to you.



Founder - Tourism Pro

Arzu has an engineering degree from ITU and has been guiding since 1998. She is now a part time guide, very full time mom and is the person who manages all behind the scenes activity for this site.
When she’s not chasing Deniz, doting on her husband or trying to catch on laundry, she enjoys writing, traveling, story telling and good wine.



Tour Guide / Foster mother of all the street animals you see in the Old City.

Ebru studied English Literature at Bosporus University and had a career as an editor for a travel magazine. Her dream job was to become a tour guide and she had her license in 2002.  She’s now a master’s student in History of Religions for the past three years; so far she has only mastered the art of procrastinating her thesis on temple liturgy. Ebru is the proud mother of a rescued dog (Bozo) and a rescued cat (Tarator).



Professional Tour Dog

Before Bozo accepted Ebru as her human in 2009, her main hobby was to bark at cows, horses, donkeys and old village ladies. Now as a big city girl, she prefers barking at skaters and bikers. She shares Ebru with a rescued cat, happily. Her most popular phrase is woof woof woof woof ( in Turkish)



Professional Tour Guide

Born in historical Ottoman Bursa on World Tourism Day , it was Adnan`s destiny to be in tourism . He studied economics and completed a second degree to fulfil his childhood dream: being a tour guide. He traveled to some 40 countries around the globe. Adnan`s known for his enthusiasm and sense of humor.  We pride ourselves having him in the team with his 27 years of experience. He’s a delight to walk around with his love for gastronomy and photography.

Adnan is married with Funda and they parent Pelin beautifully.



Professional Tour Guide

you can easily pass etem for an american. he owes his english language skills to the american school of tarsus. he studied economics at the university of istanbul. then spanish literature at the same university. then a master’s degree in architectural history at kadir has university. etem is an avid reader and travels around the globe with his wife nazan and their gorgeous daughter mira.



Professional Tour Guide

Esin studied Tourism Management and Tour Guiding in Marmara and has been guiding since 1999. She delivers a very special experience to our guests from all around the world. Esin is a passionate traveler,dancer and a cook. Her beautiful redhead holds many secrets. She loves to share stories and experiences of her travels as well as history,traditions and insider tips of our beautiful homeland.

Efe The Professional Tour Cat


Professional Tour Cat

Efe is a lovely rescue cat who’s non- approchable by strangers. He shares an apartment and life with Esin and  is tremendously ginger (a real cat lover will know what that means).



Professional Tour Guide

Ezel is a true Istanbulite who traveled to more than 60 countries.  She lived in the Netherlands for a year and is a bilingual guide in English and Dutch.  She has an engineering degree from ITU and her hobby is Maths ( yes), learning new languages and enjoying being a chef.



Professional Tour Guide

A true local from Istanbul ( maybe a Byzantine?) , Duygu has a deep love for this beautiful country. She has a degree in tourism and traveled around Turkey many times before she decided to settle back home and have a family. She mothers Aras when she is not guiding and when not at the theatre.

Tan The Professional Tour Guide


Professional Tour Guide

Guiding is a tradition in Tan’s family. He has the expertise from his parents and is now enjoying 25 years in business. He lives in Izmir and is our destination manager for the Aegean coast. He’s behind the scenes organising all the vehicles, transfers and makes sure everyone sits back and enjoys our shore excursions in the area. He has a big laughter and has a lot to talk about ( in a good way). His passion is to transfer the uncommercial face of our country to our guests.



Professional Tour Guide

Çiğdem has a degree in Economics from Marmara and a second degree in Dramaturgy from Istanbul University. She is a full time tourist guide and a conference interpreter . She’s the translator of several books and now writing one for herself. She enjoys collecting stories and is an amateur photographer.



Professional Tour Guide
Erkut holds a BA Degree in American Studies from Hacettepe University in Ankara. He’s working hard to fulfil two of his childhood dreams : to read all the books in his library, and to travel to every single place on the map of Turkey. Erkut is a great chef, his dinner parties are famous, you may enjoy one if you like offals.
He’s the proud father of 10 year old Ali and a gray cat.


Professional Tour Guide

Fulya has a major’s degree in tourism and is based in Kusadasi to serve our clients in Ephesus and around. She should be considered as an Ephesus expert, it’s her 15th year on the site. Yes, she loves the place but also is reluctant to leave because Pati won’t stay home alone. Pati is a crazy cat and Fulya is crazy about her. She’s an excellent cook; her friends can never get enough of her dinner parties. She’s a great hostess with a beautiful smile.



Professional Tour Guide

Şevin es graduada de la universidad de Estambul. Estuvo cuatro años en la facultad de letras realizando la carrera de filología hispánica. Hace quince años trabaja como guía de turismo en Turquía y esta enamorada en Estambul. Cuando tiene tiempo libre le encanta dedicar a sacar fotos de Estambul.



Professional Tour Guide

Estudio lengua , literatura y historia de España entre los años 1997 y 2003 en la universidad de Estambul . Al acabar su curso( para ser guía Professional en español ) del ministerio de la cultura y turismo dedico hacer tours en español, portugués (brasileño) y en inglés. Desde 2001 el hace tours en estés idiomas como guía Professional en toda Turquía .



Professional Tour Guide

Ulgen is a practising artist and leads our Art Walks. She has extensive knowledge of the history of contemporary art scene in Turkey and the local social political climate.  Her education is:
M.F.A. New York Studio School, New York, NY and
B.F.A. Painting and Drawing, Concordia University, Montréal, QC  She’s a true delight walking into the local art scene and makes sense when she says things like ” conceptual art”.