Deep Into Islam At Night

  • Night tour for the die-hards to understand Islam.
  • Introduction to Sufi culture and music.
  • Visit Suleymaniye mosque after the evening prayer
  • Great dinner at a traditional restaurant
  • Choice of a private tour or a shared group of maximum 8 people.
  • Local and professional tour guides.

Full day guiding fee of a professional guide

  • Dinner
  • Transport to Suleymaniye
Meeting Point

Private Parties: We meet you personally at your hotel.

Shared Parties: We meet at Suleymaniye Mosque.

You’ll receive proper instructions when you book.


This tour runs on Mondays only.

Exact hours to be confirmed according to sunset but expect around 7pm – 11pm

Prices for Private or Shared Groups
  • Shared groups, max. 8 people: We charge 125Euros per person.
  • Private groups: we charge a base price of 350Euros for two people. Please add 50Euros for every additional person.
  • No children under 12 years old please.


Night tour for the Die-Hards! Not for the regular tourist!

The night tour is for people with a certain mindset and have flexibility should the conditions at the order change for our visit.

This is not a show designed for tourists, we visit an actual and ancient Islamic order where they perform their spirituality. We are only welcome as visitors who have a deep interest  and hopefully understanding of spirituality in Islam.


We visit the order of Jerrahi at night. Jerrahis are a traditional Muslim Sufi order.


Their ritual is completely different and it’s called a zikr.  It includes live music so it’s also a door to understand Islamic culture. The head convention in Karagumruk, is very traditional and the zikr runs every Monday.


Our night tour runs :

-Meet at Suleymaniye and visit the Mosque before evening prayer. It’s a truly mystic atmosphere.

-Dinner at a very traditional Turkish Restaurant, vegetarians are well catered.

-Talk about Islam, orders and spirituality until the night prayer

-Walk or taxi to Karagumruk and watch the Jerrahi zikr for about 1,5 hours in their own territority.


There are lots of restrictions as this is not a touristic occasion, it’s very real, and we promise it is the most interesting event you’ll ever see in a Muslim country.

This tour runs only on Mondays and start at 125Euros.