Bosphorus Cruise Beylerbeyi Palace

Hop-On / Hop-Off Ferry and Bosphorus Villages
Starting at 95 Euros

Highlights - Bosphorus Cruise Beylerbeyi Palace

  • Hop on- Hop off ferry on the Bosphorus.
  • The only tour that lets you go on land as the boat waits for you.
  • Your guide will be with you on the boat and on land.
  • We visit Beylerbeyi Palace on the Asian side.
  • We buy admission tickets and skip the line with our priority admission.
  • Choice of a private tour or a shared group of maximum 8 people.
  • Local and professional tour guides.
  • Admission fees for Beylerbeyi Palace
  • Professional and specialist local guide
  • Bosphorus Cruise tickets
  • Small group or a private tour
  • Lunch
  • Transport to Sultanahmet
Meeting Point

Private: We meet you personally at your hotel.

Shared: In front of the Spice Market.


This tour runs Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday.

Starts at 11:30 am  and ends at 5:30 pm

Bosphorus Cruise – Beylerbeyi Palace, 6hrs

All included tour with an expert guide and stops at Bosphorus villages.

Istanbul is a walking city, but you’ll never get enough of it if you don’t take a Bosphorus ferry, and people will think you’re mad not doing it.

As locals we are very dependent on the ferries, so we have absolute command on the system: Hours could be wasted by the uninitiated trying to discover what goes from where and when and when it might return or not.

Our Bosphorus Cruise and Beylerbeyi Palace Tour starts on a  local boat that takes us along the Bosphorus; one of the most beautiful sights in the world. 
Sultanahmet, impressive as it is, is an open-air museum. You need to leave it and see the real way that we Istanbulites live.

The hop-on-hop-off boat is the best way to do the Bosphorus tour so you can see those smaller palaces. No other company stops when they do the cruise.

As the boat zigzags between Asia and Europe, you will admire the old Ottoman wooden houses, Ottoman palaces, mighty castles, small towns and two suspended bridges.

We use a different Bosporus ferry than everybody’s else’s and see some less visited Ottoman Palaces ( Kucuksu and Beylerbeyi) as the boat waits for us.

If you choose to spend more time ( generally Beylerbeyi wants you to stay more, just because it’s beautiful), your guide will take the next boat an hour later.

This option of using the hop-on / hop-off ferry will give you more time discovering the actual villages along the Bosphorus. Our Bosphorus Cruise Beylerbeyi Palace Tour is a more active way to enjoy the strait and be part of the city.

You can choose to join a tour of max 8 people or enjoy a private tour for full access to an expert guide.

Bosphorus Cruise and Beylerbeyi Palace tour runs Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and starts at 95 Euros.

Starting at 95 Euros
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