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  • New tour in 2021 supported by a private vehicle

Canakkale: Discover Troy and Assos in a day

Explore Greek and Roman Heritage of the western coast of Turkey

Tour Highlights:

  • Visit Troy to see the glory of Greek heritage in Turkey
  • See the legendary city and the infamous wooden horse of Troy
  • Learn about the legend, the war, and Homer’s Iliad from an expert guide
  • Complete your experience with a detailed tour of the super modern Troy Museum
  • Trace the beautiful coastline of western Turkey until Assos
  • Visit one of the best-preserved Greek temples dedicated to Athena
  • Enjoy superb views of the Greek Islands and the Agean Sea
  • Have a break at the harbor by the sea before going back to Canakkale
  • Benefit from your guide’s knowledge on this private tour for a more interactive and personalized experience
Private Tour for 2 people min.

Canakkale: Discover Troy and Assos in a day

Discover an eternally beautiful coastline visiting legendary Troy with its museum and drive over to see the inescapable heritage of ancient Assos with its temple dedicated to Athena. Enjoy a break by the sea at the vibrant harbor accompanied by exciting local wines and cuisine with world-class olive oil.

Located on the western coast of Turkey, the ancient city of Troy is unlike anywhere else. Formerly home to the Greek, Roman, Byzantine, and Ottoman empires; it is famous for its legendary history made famous by Homer’s oral tradition.

Walk with your guide on Troy’s ancient city roads and explore its ancient walls scattered throughout the site as you learn how layered this city’s history is. Time flows at its own pace in Troy as you walk through the UNESCO World Heritage Site with Homer’s Illiad in your hands.

Discover where all the Greek heroes fought in the war of Troy, why Achilles killed Hector, and how Zeus planned and decided on the fate of the war.

Visit the newly opened super-modern museum of Troy to see the original artifacts found at the site and understand the city’s universal outstanding value. Discuss with your guide Troy’s significant influence on the development of the European civilization, arts, and literature.

Continue your journey following the Agean Sea and dive into the history of this picturesque coastline to gain an understanding of the role of these little Greek cities for the upcoming Roman Empire. Learn how the modern Turkish Republic maintains its distinct culture and traditions while still embracing its diverse history as you drive through local villages.

Arrive at Assos famous with its well-preserved temple dedicated to Athena. Learn about the original inhabitants of this scenic and strategically placed ancient city. Walk passing the massive Greek pillars, city walls, and towers down to the harbour for a break.

End the day driving back to Canakkale with last remarks from your expert local guide.