Evening Dinner Stroll Istanbul

Istanbul Night Life With A Local Guide

Highlights - Evening Dinner Stroll Istanbul

  • Discover Istanbul at night
  • Try Turkish food and mezes on a walking tour
  • Expertly led by a gourmet guide.
  • Mingle with the locals and enjoy the breeze.
  • Choice of a private tour or a shared group of maximum 8 people.
  • Local and professional tour guides.
  • Professional and local tour guide
  • Food samplings
  • Small group walking tour
  • Drinks
  • Transport to the meeting point

*Please note minimum drinking age is 18

Meeting Point

We meet at the House of Medusa Restaurant in Sultanahmet.

We may organize an alternative meeting point if you advise us your preference.


This tour runs every evening 7pm – 10pm

Prefer writing an email? Please contact us to book

Evening Dinner Stroll Istanbul – Food Tour At Night

Evening dinner stroll in Istanbul is a great offer if you’d like to discover a new neighborhood other than Sultanahmet.

During the day the sites are full of people, and it is hard work being a tourist! Join other like-minded people and enjoy an exceptional dinner culture in Istanbul with your gourmet guide.

We meet in Sultanahmet and then either walk or take the tram to Karakoy across the Golden Horn, then up the hill to Galata Tower area and famous Beyoglu.

We may have rest of our party joining us from our second meeting point in Karakoy tram platform.

Galata and Beyoglu are two great areas to discover Istanbul at night with locals, young people, chic cafés and, good restaurants.

You will discover Istanbul by night on this small-group food and walking tour led by a gourmet guide.  It’s an opportunity to learn the rich history of Turkey’s world-famous cuisine.
Explore the cobbled streets, historic alleyways, and vibrant cafe culture of Karakoy and Beyoğlu.

Galata is great with its architecture as well. This is the European quarter of the city, so it’s very different from Sultanahmet if you already feel stuck there with other tourists.

Evening dinner stroll Istanbul lets you enjoy Istanbul from a very different local perspective. This tour is famous because of its local and gourmet guides who add a lot to the experience.

You can enjoy evening dinner stroll Istanbul either in a small group of max 8 people or get a private tour.

This tour runs every day and starts at 95Euros.

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