Hagia Sophia Admission Ticket

Istanbul Sultanahmet Tour
Starting at 80 Euros

Hagia Sophia Admission Tickets

Save time with a pre-booked admission ticket to the Hagia Sophia

Enjoy a walk through the Hippodrome with your local guide

Get useful information and tips about the city of Istanbul

Never wait in a line again!

  • Hagia Sophia admission ticket
  • Istanbul orientation tips and local information
  • Professional guide
  • Small bottle of water

Guided Tour of the Hagia Sophia

Meeting Point
  • We meet at the House of Medusa Restaurant in Sultanahmet.

Morning tour 09:00 – 09:30

Afternoon tour 13:00 – 13:30

Prefer writing an email? Please contact us to book

Hagia Sophia Admission Tickets:

Enter the magnificent monument without delay with your skip-the-line ticket.

Enjoy a short guided walk from the Blue Mosque to the Hagia Sophia.

Get information and tips from your guide. Skip the lines at the Hagia Sophia.

A professional local guide will provide a short orientation to Istanbul’s old city and information about the major attractions during a walk to the Hippodrome.

Learn how to use the tram system and about the proper dress code for entering a mosque.

Get recommendations on the best restaurants and some useful tips for shopping at the Grand Bazaar.

At the Hagia Sophia your guide will provide an admission ticket along with a small bottle of water.

Explore the most popular museum in Istanbul on your own, and marvel at its extraordinary dimensions and daunting beauty.

Hagia Admission Ticket tour runs everday 09:00 and 13:00

Tours start at 25Euros per person

Starting at 80 Euros
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