• Exclusive Experience

Understanding Islam Night Tour in Istanbul

Evening tour to understand Islam

Quick Details

  • Night tour for the die-hards who want to understand Islam
  • Introduction to Sufi culture and music
  • Visit Suleymaniye Mosque before the evening prayer.
  • Great dinner at a traditional restaurant
  • Visit Arap Mosque before sunset
  • Local and expert tour guides
Private Tours for 2 people

Night tour to understand Islam in Istanbul

Night tour for the die-hards! Not for the regular tourist! Our Understanding Islam Night Tour is for people with a certain mindset who have flexibility should the conditions at the mosques change for our visit.

This is not a show designed for tourists. We visit actual mosques around sunset where the locals perform their spirituality. We are only welcome as visitors who have a deep interest and hopefully an understanding of spirituality in Islam.

Our evening tour runs in this order:

  • Meet your private guide at your hotel and transfer to Suleymaniye.
  • Visit Suleymaniye Mosque before evening prayer. It’s a truly mystic atmosphere.
  • Enjoy dinner at a very traditional Turkish Restaurant — vegetarians are well catered.
  • Talk about Islam, orders, and spirituality until the night prayer.
  • Take the metro to Karakoy
  • Visit Arap Mosque
  • Photography or video are not allowed.
  • This tour does not run during Ramadan.

There are lots of restrictions involved with this tour, as this is not a touristic occasion. It’s very real, and we promise it is the most interesting tour you can join in a Muslim country.