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We Love The Cities You'd Like To Explore

Istanbul Tour Guides: Scholarly and Experienced

We live in a wonderful world which is full of beauty, charm, and adventure. The best way to explore it?  On foot!

Not only you get a chance to see the main attractions but you also get a great possibility to take the unbeaten path and discover hidden gems. And who doesn’t like that?

Want even better experience and maximize your time during your visit? Guided walking tours are the best way to do that. But hold on… Don’t just take any walking tour. Take a tour that is guided by passionate local guides, just like we are at Walks In Istanbul from majestic Topkapi Palace to legendary Hagia Sophia and the hip vibe in Fener and Balat.

If you think that guided walking tours are just museums and standing in line, then our Golden Horn walking tour will definitely change your mind. Or maybe a night tour in Kadikoy to sample famous Turkish cuisine? We don’t want to spoil your excitement, but we have curated walking tours for everybody’s taste in Istanbul.

Join us and experience the city the way would locals do. Not just another walking tour, but a tour that is created especially for you!

Book an Istanbul tour now for personalized attention and skip the lines with priority admission.

Arzu Founder

Arzu is an ex-tour guide, tourism professional, and entrepreneur living part-time in Istanbul and Tallinn. Her expertise is to create themed walks in urban areas with a network of professional guides. She has an exceptional drive for the creation of new projects and an expert’s eye for working with details. Arzu prides herself in her rapid response to queries, her organizational skills, and her ability to handle special or extraordinary projects.

She is responsible for running this business ( broadly speaking ) when she is not trying to catch up with laundry. She’s a kick-ass mom and enjoys writing, traveling, storytelling, and good wine with good company.

She’s doing her master’s degree in Estonian Studies at Tallinn University ( and enjoying the winter).

Çetin Guide Manager - English

Çetin was born in a remote village in midlands Turkey into a farmer family and ended up in İstanbul. He has a diploma of a chef and a BA in ESL and a professional guiding license. He can cook, teach and guide! This lucky man has an organic farm in Greece where he rushes when he’s not working. His passion for Istanbul passes to our clients as they walk the city with him. Cetin is also responsible with the field operations in Istanbul when Arzu is away in Tallinn.

Cetin and his wife Ayse live in Istanbul and Greece with their lovely daughter Defne.


Sabih Guide Manager - German

You will be very lucky to have Sabih as your tour guide in Istanbul. His experience, his command of the business, intelligent mind and his very gentle approach to our guests makes him the ideal companion to spend a day with.

Sabih has graduated from the Austrian Sankt Georg’s Gymnasium in Istanbul where he acquired his German and English skills. He takes pride and pleasure in discovering offbeat areas and perceiving the city through both his lens and that of his clients. He is also a dedicated musician who is fascinated by the mystical charm of everyday Istanbul.

Sabih is an engineer and a loving father to Mine who is studying to be a lawyer.


Çiğdem is an Istanbul addict, and has done so much in her life that this small space won’t be enough! She has a degree on economy, and a master’s for theatre and dramaturgy.  She worked for multinational finance companies for years. She was a production assistant, PR contact, hospitality manager at stadium concerts, and a conference interpreter.
We are lucky to have her energy and enthusiasm as part of her guiding career these days.


Very animated personality, she is a lot of fun!

Guzin is another Istanbulite in love with the city and has worked in a wide variety of professional capacities in private tourism sector since 1995 on different levels such as travel consultant, travel agency manager and a guide. She has an entrepreneurial spirit who exited a car-dealer Startup.

When not travelling, Guzin enjoys hiking, learning new languages and cultures. She loves animals and volunteers for animal shelters in Istanbul/ Turkey.


Ezel is a true Istanbulite who has traveled to more than 60 countries. She lived in the Netherlands for a year and is a bilingual guide in English and Dutch. She has an engineering degree from ITU and her hobbies are maths (yes), learning new languages, enjoying being a chef and mothering baby Tibet.



Born in historical Ottoman Bursa on World Tourism Day, it was Adnan’s destiny to be in tourism. He studied economics and completed a second degree to fulfill his childhood dream: being a tour guide. He traveled to some 40 countries around the globe. Adnan’s known for his enthusiasm and sense of humor. We pride ourselves on having him on the team with his 27 years of experience. He’s a delight to walk around with thanks to his love for gastronomy and photography.

Adnan is married to Funda and they parent Pelin beautifully.


etem can easily pass for an american. he owes his english language skills to the american school of tarsus. he studied economics at the university of istanbul, then spanish literature at the same university, then got a master’s degree in architectural history at kadir has university.

etem is an avid reader and travels around the globe with his wife nazan and their gorgeous children mira and eren.


Selim was born in İstanbul and except a few years in Tel Aviv and Paris, he never left his beloved city. Even though his BS is in Maths, he took an alternative path in life and started guiding all around Turkey and abroad. Travelling, music, movies, sports but most of all his family are his major interests.

Selim and Selen live in Istanbul with their little gangster Poyraz😎

Mustafa Kemal

Mustafa Kemal – what a perfect name for someone who is really perfect for what he does. He’s an expert guide in English and Russian. Not only Istanbul, but he also guides on the western coast of Turkey and shares his passion for Turkey with our clients. He’s known for his friendly manner, easy-going personality, and super social character.

Mustafa Kemal lives in Izmir with his beloved family and their baby daughter Karya.


Hulya has a bachelors degree in English Literature and Language from Ankara University. She lectured English language classes for many years at the leading schools and universities in Istanbul. She has been working as a professional tourist guide for more than 10 years now. Thanks to her enthusiasm to meet people from various countries and to tell them about her favorite city Istanbul with its uncharted details and ravishing history. Her energy never dies. She likes dancing, reading and socializing. She will do her utmost to make you get the most out of your days in Istanbul!
She is a loving mother to Cansu who is studying Master of Laws (LLM) in University of Amsterdam


Guiding is a tradition in Tan’s family. He has the expertise from his parents and is now enjoying 25 years in business. He is our destination manager for the Aegean coast. He’s behind the scenes organizing all the vehicles, transfers, and makes sure everyone sits back and enjoys our shore excursions in the area. He has a big laugh and has a lot to talk about (in a good way). His passion is to transfer the uncommercial face of our country to our guests.

Tan has two grown-up kids and they live in Izmir.