Istanbul Insider Tips


For those who would like to live and feel these different atmospheres of Istanbul, our local guide Esin has prepared a two part series of Istanbul insider hints. These hints will make Istanbul easier to roam for the first time visitors and frequenters alike. Istanbul doesn’t belong to any cliche-driven, location-based descriptions. Her hustle and…

Istanbul City Pack


Simplify your trip to Istanbul! Istanbul City Pack is the smart tourism package that gives you the opportunity to explore the city in an easy and personalized way. A practical must-have, Istanbul City Pack is the answer to all your visiting needs, whether you’re staying one day or longer. Istanbul City Pack includes 4 essential…

Istanbul Transportation Card


Do you need an Istanbul Transportation Card? Are you willing to use public transport in Istanbul? What’s traffic like in Istanbul? Can we use Istanbul transportation card on the tram and the ferry? Are taxis better compared with public transport in Istanbul? During your stay in Istanbul, it’s wise to invest in an “Istanbul Card”…

Istanbul Layover


What to do in a short time in Istanbul? Do you have any recommendations for Istanbul layover? Is it worth leaving the airport for a short layover in Istanbul? The answer is yes! Especially if you’ll arrive at Ataturk (IST) airport which is just 30 minutes to the old city Sultanahmet. It’s possible to take a…

Istanbul Museum Pass

Suleymaniye Mosque Tour Image

Do you need  Istanbul Museum Pass? Does Walks In Istanbul organise museum tickets for us? How long is the Istanbul Museum Pass valid? Is it worth investing into this pass? When you are with a professional guide from Walks In Istanbul, your guide has priority admission at museum entrances and will purchase museum tickets for you….

Airport Transfers Istanbul


How do get to your hotel once you make it to Istanbul airports? Is it easy to organize airport transfers in Istanbul? Do we need a private transfer in Istanbul? We can organize your airport transfers Istanbul if you send us an email, please. Here are our tips for organizing your time when you arrive in…

Dress Code Mosques Istanbul


What’s the dress code for visiting mosques in Istanbul? Do women need to cover their heads? Are pants allowed? Can women wear a skirt walking into a mosque in Istanbul ? Can men wear shorts? Can I go with socks? What happens to our shoes? Here’s a full list of what you need to know practically…