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Istanbul Museum Pass

istanbul Topkapi ticket line

Do you need  Istanbul Museum Pass?

  • Does Walks In Istanbul organize museum tickets for us?
  • How long is the Istanbul Museum Pass valid?
  • Is it worth investing in this pass?
  • Are children discounted?

Join our skip-the-line tickets and never wait in a line again! 

When you purchase one of our tours, skip-the-line tickets are always included. You do not need Istanbul Museum Pass.

When do you need Istanbul Museum Pass?

If you are planning to spend more days without a guide in Istanbul, it is wise investing in a Museum Pass.

Please let us know if you’re interested and we’ll help you get one. Once you purchase the pass then you can visit the top 10 Museums in Istanbul with a huge discount.

One other advantage is that it will save you from waiting in long lines. Please remember to have your passports with you as you head to the ticket office. The best place to buy Istanbul Museum Pass is the Museum of Islamic and Turkish Art because nobody goes there so it is always empty!

Children under 9 do not need to buy tickets at museums in Istanbul. Please carry a form of ID that shows age and date of birth.

Istanbul Museum Pass is valid for 5 days and it costs 325TL.  Please note you can only use the Pass once in every museum!

It includes 12 museums in Istanbul, here are the most popular ones:

  • Hagia Sophia ( 100TL admission fee)
  • Chora Museum ( 65TL admission fee)
  • Archeological Museum ( 50TL admission fee)
  • Museum of Turkish and Islamic Art ( 50TL admission fee)
  • Istanbul Mosaic Museum ( 25TL admission fee)

Two of the most popular museums are not covered by the Museum Pass. If you plan to visit Topkapi Palace and Dolmabahce, you will need to buy the museum tickets at the entrance.

Consider joining our skip-the-line-tickets:

Topkapi Palace and Harem

Hagia Sophia and Blue Mosque

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