Istanbul Transportation Card

istanbul card for public transport

Istanbul Transportation Card

Istanbul Transportation Card

Do you need an Istanbul Transportation Card? Are you willing to use public transport in Istanbul? What’s traffic like in Istanbul? Can we use Istanbul transportation card on the tram and the ferry? Are taxis better compared with public transport in Istanbul?


Istanbul Transportation Card:

During your stay in Istanbul, it’s wise to invest in an “Istanbul Card” which is sold at newspaper stands. It’s a card that you can use on every form of public transport in Istanbul, and it’s priced per journey.

Traffic is very unpleasant in Istanbul. Yes. Try to avoid taxi rides. Walk or use public transport instead. Tram in Sultanahmet is very efficient, and you can use the commuter ferries to go to the Asian side.

Taxi drivers in Istanbul are notorious, avoid taking a taxi in Sultanahmet area, you can never win.

If you’d like to leave Sultanahmet on a taxi rather than the tram, walk down to the waterfront and use the taxis parked in front of the big Train Station marked “Istanbul Gar”.

If you’re at the hotel, always ask the reception to call you one. From the airport, you can take a taxi. Make sure the driver turns the meter on and hand him the address of the hotel printed.

You can top up your Istanbul Card at vending machines or newspaper stands. One Istanbul Card can be shared by all members of a group at the turn slides.

If you are staying in Sultanahmet, using the tram you can get to Galata area or get back to Sultanahmet from the waterfront in Eminonu.

You can use the transportation card on the commuter ferries if you’re getting to Asia as well.

Please let us know if you’re interested getting an Istanbul transportation card, and we’ll help you get one.

We locals depend and have full command of the ferry and the tram system in Istanbul. During our walks in Istanbul, we’ll guide you through the system.

At the time of writing, transportation card itself is 8 TL and one journey is 2,5TL per person.


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