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Dress Code Mosques Istanbul


What is the dress code for visiting mosques in Istanbul?

  • Do women need to cover their heads?
  • Can men wear shorts?
  • Can women wear a skirt walking into a mosque in Istanbul?
  • Can I go with socks? What happens to our shoes?
  • What about children?

Here’s a full list of what you need to know practically to make your life easier for dress code mosques Istanbul:

Dress code for women in mosques in Istanbul:

  • While visiting a mosque in Istanbul, women need to cover their heads, shoulders, knees .. and oh, toes can show.  Chest and legs should be covered.
  • You can carry your own scarf to cover your head but please note scarves are provided at the entrance of every mosque.
  • If you are wearing leggings, tights or skirts, wraps will be provided at the entrance.

Dress code for men in mosques in Istanbul:

  • Men’s shorts need to cover knees.
  • Tank tops are not allowed. T-shirts are fine.
  • Please take your hat off.
  • Please keep your hands out of pockets as you stand before the altar.

Dress code for children in mosques in Istanbul:

  • Generally, until the age of 12, the children are free to walk in liberally.
  • However, it is always good to be safe and pull that to 9 especially if you are visiting in the summer with shorts and tank tops. They will feel more comfortable with a regular t-shirt and a short below their knees.

General rules for dress code in Istanbul, for everyone:

  • When entering mosques in Istanbul, you will take your shoes off and carry your shoes with you. Plastic bags are provided for this purpose.
  • With or without socks doesn’t matter.
  • There may be a line at the entrance of mosques because we wait for people to take their shoes off and get covered. Guides do not have priority to pass this line! ( There will be a line at the Blue Mosque in high season)
  • Photography is allowed in most of the mosques. However, please remember people like their privacy when they are praying so do not take pictures of people who are in the mosque to pray.



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