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Istanbul Insider Tips


For those who would like to live and feel these different atmospheres of Istanbul, our local guide Esin has prepared a two part series of Istanbul insider hints. These hints will make Istanbul easier to roam for the first time visitors and frequenters alike.

Istanbul doesn’t belong to any cliche-driven, location-based descriptions.

Her hustle and bustle in ages old shopping districts where the 3rd century people had also been shopping will surely give you a feeling of busy and colorful East.

Her unique sea shore called Bosphorus doesn’t ever feel like a part of a city of more than 12 million. Unassumingly beautiful architecture, landscape along with tranquility and laid-back lifestyle at the shores remind you breezy little towns of Mediterrenean.

Never I am proud but inevitably there is also a corporate side of Istanbul which I am not a part of and perhaps that is why I always feel estranged when I am in those business districts.

Find more about our local guide Esin Kara:

Esin delivers a very special experience to our guests from all around the world. She is a passionate traveler,dancer and a cook. Esin shares stories and experiences of her travels as well as history,traditions and insider tips of our beautiful homeland.

Esin’s second part of Istanbul insider tips will follow shortly… You can find more about the walking tours that we lead here.

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