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  • Private Tour

Authentic Turkish Food Tour in Kadikoy

Only Private Tours: Best of Turkish food in a local neighborhood

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Private Tour Base price for 2 adults

Eat your way through Kadıköy on our delectable private tour.

Istanbul is more than a city full of beautiful buildings, palaces, and mosques… This bustling city is also the stage for a lot of very good eating and drinking. Experience Istanbul with a local gourmet guide and discover the Asian side of the city on a small group walking tour.

Kadıkoy is a residential neighborhood where the locals meet their friends for a stroll, do their shopping, and eat a wide variety of delicious food. Discover typical Turkish flavors in the early evening light, after crossing the Bosphorus Straight to the Asian side of Istanbul. This charming itinerary lets you get to know more of Istanbul, apart from the old town of Sultanahmet which is visited more often.

Taste local fare, chat with shopkeepers, watch locals, and make friends. Join this tour for an evening of fantastic food and drink, interesting history and culture, and loads of fun. You’ll sample baklava, kebabs, desserts, Turkish delight, simit, Turkish tea, mezes, olives, delicatessen, pastrami, clotted cream, cheese, and much more!

At the tour’s end, choose to linger in Kadikoy or follow your guide on the commuter ferry back to where you started.