Walks In Istanbul | Visiting a world class museum, peering into a dimly lit mosque, wandering down secret alleyways or just sipping tea in a local café. The perfect way to delve into the layers of this ancient city is to walk from one to the next.

Essential Istanbul

Visit the Highlights of the city in two days! This classical itinerary is just a starter to discover the essence of the city. We stay on the beaten path and head directly into the heart of the historical and cultural wonders that make the city unique. Blue Mosque / Hagia Sophia / Topkapi Palace / Underground Water Cistern / Grand Bazaar / Spice Market / Bosporus Cruise or Asia

Private or Small Group Shared Tours

Priority admission at museums so we skip queues. / Flexible and private itineraries tailored together according to your preferences, for you only. / Or Small group shared tours with maximum 6 guests / It's fun and easy going.
 We walk at a leisurely pace.
 / You actually see the local way of life, not just the tourist hubs. 
 / When you walk you learn more. 

Oh La La ! Istanbul Kitchen!

Finally we give you: Istanbul Kitchen! Roll up your sleeves, start chopping, stirring and whipping out one of the most delicious meals you’ve ever made. Whether you are looking for hundred different ways to prepare an eggplant dish, how to choose a perfectly ripe melon or merely aspire to the pleasure of Mediterranean fresh vegetables and herbs simmering them up into something fragrant, our daily classes turn a short break into a truly memorable event.

Shore Excursions and Day Trips From Istanbul

Make the most of your Mediterranean Cruise by joining one of our private or shared Essential Istanbul Tours. / Take a day trip from Istanbul to Ephesus, it's only 45 minutes on a domestic flight. / If you have two days, then visit Capadoccia: an extraordinary land, combining unique and beautiful natural features with a fascinating cultural and historical past. / Visit Gallipoli and see everything from the Turkish perspective!

Istanbul is a place to see on foot, and the best way to do that is to hook up with Arzu. She enchants as she guides. You'll see Istanbul through the eyes of people of the time, all in the person of a charming, imaginative, poetic, and a fun personal guide. You'll love her. And the walks. Bob Stone, Adjunct professor of business ethics at University of Redlands
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