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  • High quality private tours in Istanbul: customised to your preferences
  • Small groups of 8: everyone can still get individual attention
  • Pre-reserved tickets & all included shore excursions: sit back & relax
  • History, architecture & social life: sites in Istanbul you never knew you wanted to see
  • Culinary tours in Istanbul: hands on experiences, workshops and food tours
  • Re-discover Istanbul: take the best with our well planned itineraries
  • Fast, easy, online booking: you have limited time, we do the hard work
  • Professional tour guides with licences: Network of highly qualified local tour guides in Istanbul

Discover Istanbul !



Full List of Walks In Istanbul

We are the leaders of life enriching and truly exceptional walks in Istanbul.

There’s no other city in the world like Istanbul! It’s an international melting pot, a feast for the eyes, and a city rich in history and unmatched in its cultural offerings.

Walks In Istanbul  carefully plans each tour to bring you a mix of 10 best sites in Istanbul and hidden gems. Some include a list of sites you never knew you wanted to see!

We have expert local tour guides for the most unusual and memorable experiences in Istanbul.  They are all hand crafted locally for you by talented individuals.

Walks In Istanbul sheds a light on the overlooked wonders of some of the world’s most fascinating cities. Passionate locals, our tour guides connect you with their communities, creating meaningful travel experiences that will transform and inspire you.

Whether you book a private tour or choose to join a small-group tour, our walking tours in Europe are carefully planned mix of well-known sites and hidden neighborhood discoveries.

If you’re a first timer, you can choose the 2 Days Grand Tour that literally covers every site that you should see in Istanbul. Byzantine Istanbul along the Golden Horn includes a great ferry ride and shows you Constantinople before the Ottoman Conquest.

Our favourite itinerary is the culinary walk in Istanbul where you get to taste the wonderful Turkish cuisine. We offer back street culinary walks and include many samplings on the go. If you are on a short stay, we recommend that you take the Istanbul Highlights tour to discover major sites in Sultanahmet.

Istanbul City Pack is a great package if you’re on a short layover or wish to discover Istanbul independently.

Discover Istanbul !


We’re very experienced with cruise ship passengers wanting to visit Ephesus and around. You can make the most of your short stay with our well informed and passionate guides.
A private tour is the most comfortable and quick way to get to Ephesus before the tour buses.
While you enjoy our priority admission to skip the lines, we do the hard work beating the crowds.


Cappodocia is the name of a vast region and we recommend our guests to stay either in Göreme, Ürgüp, Ortahisar or Uchisar for 2-3 days.
Once you made it to either airport, our partner guide will meet you and drive to the area, another 45 minutes.
He’ll then leave you back at the relevant airport on time for your return flight in two or three days, depending on your schedule

Hotel ibrahim Pasa İstanbul

Hotels in Istanbul that we would genuinely like to stay in ourselves and are pleased to recommend.

Meticulously restored mansions in Sultanahmet, apartments conveniently located in the central district of Beyoğlu, beautiful terraces, infinity pools … all offer the very best accommodation experience in Istanbul


Istanbul is not perhaps the easiest city to stroll for first time visitors who speak no Turkish and have no conception of its scale.

It requires a bit of skill to see the mosques, palaces and museums conveniently since neither their opening times are consistent nor their locations congruent.

Once within, it would be quite possible to waste a 
lot of time in aimless traipsing. These places are not  self-explanatory and it is not obvious what went on where.

It is not clear either where to eat, or what to eat.

Istanbul is a walking city and we’re a group of professional tour guides with official licenses :

The sort of guides who are reliable, knowledgeable and fun.

You need help.  Contact us.

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Travel Agents

We value travel agents and honor their hard work once they decide to book us for their clients. Please contact us if you are a travel agent, we are more than happy to design tours for your clients.

Travel Planner with Kids

We never charge for your children- everyone until the age of 12 is hosted complimentary (accompanied by an adult)

Anyone who works for Walks In Istanbul has a pet or a kid! We are very experienced with the level of interest and demands that families may have as they discover Istanbul.

Please contact us for an itinerary designed for your family. We put together tours with street vendors, horse carriages, swim stops, walking on roof tops, talk to imams in mosques, ferry rides, industry museum, ice cream, steam boats and of course Turkish Bath!

We appreciate information like your previous travel experiences; ages of your children and their interests .