Culinary Walks Istanbul

Food Tour In Istanbul - All Included
Starting at 95 Euros

Highlights - Culinary Walks Istanbul

  • It’s more than a food tour in Istanbul. It’s a total experience.
  • Walk around the back streets of Istanbul old city.
  • Spice Market delicacies and lots of food.
  • Excellent local food spots in Suleymaniye.
  • Vegetarians are well catered for.
  • Choice of a private tour or a shared group of maximum 8 people.
  • Local and professional tour guides.
  • LOTS of food samplings!
  • All food samplings.
  • Professional and expert tour guide.
  • Transport to the meeting spot
  • Drinks
Meeting Point

We meet in front of the Spice Market in Eminonu. You’ll see a big mosque by the water front.

Your guide will wait for you by the steps where there are a lot of pigeons.


This tour runs everyday, except Sundays.

Morning tour starts at 09:30

Afternoon tour starts at 13:30

Culinary Walks Istanbul – Istanbul Food Tour, 3 hrs

Join us to sample an exceptional food culture in Istanbul: What’s in a kebab? How do you make Turkish Coffee? Where’s the best baklava made? Compare mezes and tapas? Don’t like offals?

Explore the markets of Istanbul and, discover the diverse and delectable cuisine of this fascinating city in carefully-selected local spots.

Discover the highlights of Istanbul’s culinary scene on this tour, which will take you to the places other tourists don’t go. See the spice market, Eminonu, Tahtakale, Suleymaniye, a local market, and discover a traditional residential neighborhood.

Your tour begins at the spice market, and your guide will take you around the authentic areas of the city.

Visit spots where only locals eat, and see how everyday people live their lives. Explore a special local market brimming with all of the culinary products imaginable.

The tour will also visit mosques and other historical buildings, if requested. Plenty of food will be sampled along the way: baklava, kebabs, desserts, Turkish delight, simit, Turkish tea, mezes, olives, delicatessen stops, pastrami, clotted cream, cheese, and more!

Istanbul has everything that you can ask from a food destination, and you’ll have the chance to experience this in our Culinary walks Istanbul tour.
Explore the markets of Istanbul on this full-day walking tour, and discover the diverse and delectable cuisine of this fascinating city in carefully-selected local restaurants. There will be a max of 8 people, so the experience of culinary walks in Istanbul is always intimate.

This tour runs every day except Sundays and starts at 95Euros.

Starting at 95 Euros
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