Culinary Walks Istanbul

Food Tour In Istanbul - All Included
Starting at 95 Euros

Highlights - Culinary Walks Istanbul

  • It’s more than a food tour in Istanbul. It’s a total experience.
  • Walk around the back streets of Istanbul old city.
  • Spice Market delicacies, 11 different samplings, lots of food.
  • Excellent local lunch at Suleymaniye.
  • A ferry ride to the Asian side and enjoy a great food market.
  • Vegetarians are well catered for.
  • Choice of a private tour or a shared group of maximum 8 people.
  • Local and professional tour guides.
  • LOTS of food!
  • All samplings.
  • Full day guiding fee of a professional guide
  • Transport to Sultanahmet
  • Drinks and your water as you go
Meeting Point

Private Parties: We meet you personally at your hotel.

Shared Parties: We meet in front of the Spice Market gate by the water front.


This tour runs everyday, except Sundays, 09:30 – 16:30


Culinary Walks Istanbul – Istanbul Food Tour

Join us to sample an exceptional food culture in Istanbul: What’s in a kebab? How do you make Turkish Coffee? Where’s the best baklava made? Compare mezes and tapas? Don’t like offals?

Istanbul has everything that you can ask from a food destination, and you’ll have the chance to experience this in our Culinary walks Istanbul tour.
We know old city Istanbul by heart, and we offer our culinary walks in areas where you won’t see any other tourists.
We visit the old neighborhoods and remember the authentic taste of food, as it was when we were growing up in Istanbul.
Culinary Walks Istanbul tour takes you to local restaurants open for lunch where only the shopkeepers frequent. We join very old men having tea in a secluded mosque garden.

It is a delight walking around just observing people’s everyday heyday as we eat our way through it and enjoy an extraordinary food culture.
These areas are busy with people doing their shopping, men doing their trade (yes, it is a man’s world), money changing hands (The oldest black market is somewhere around here, well-kept secret)

There will be lots of samplings on the go as we walk the backstreets of old city Istanbul.

Once we finish with the old city, we take you across on a commuter ferry to Kadıkoy and see an exceptional local market brimming with fish, vegetables …. everything you can ask!

As we eat, we also walk into some mosques or any other historical building you feel like having a look at. You can choose to have exclusive access to a private tour or join a small group. There will be a max of 8 people, so the experience of culinary walks in Istanbul is always intimate.

This tour runs every day except Sundays and starts at 95Euros.

Starting at 95 Euros
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