Evening Food Tour in Kadıkoy

Food Tour In Istanbul - All Included
Starting at 95 Euros

Highlights - Evening Food Tour In Kadikoy

Taste your way through the neighborhood of Kadikoy on the Asia side

Follow your local guide to discover where local Istanbulites go to eat and socialize

At each stop, sample local food served alongside plates of the popular appetizers called ‘meze’

Enjoy a commuter ferry going across the Bosphorus to the Asian continent


  • Vegetarians are well catered for.
  • Choice of a private tour or a shared group of maximum 8 people.
  • Local and professional tour guides.
  • LOTS of food!
  • Professional and local guide
  • Small group walking tour
  • All food samplings
  • Bosphorus ferry tickets
  • Transport to the meeting spot
  • Drinks
Meeting Point

We meet at the Spice market front door in Eminonu.

Facing the sea, you will see a big mosque ( Yeni Cami) with big steps and lots of pigeons on your right.


This tour starts at 18:00 and lasts for 3 hours.

Evening Food Tour in Kadıkoy, 3 hrs

Istanbul is not only a city full of beautiful buildings, palaces and mosques. Istanbul also is a city where lots of good eating and drinking is done. Experience Istanbul with a local gourmet guide. Join a small group walking tour of max 8 people to discover the Asian side of the city. Eat your way through Kadıköy, and indulge in a taste of Istanbul’s evening life.

Kadıkoy is a very residential neighborhood where all the locals meet friends, do their shopping and eat a variety of good food. Discover typical Turkish flavors in the early evening after you go across the Bosphorus to the Asian side. This charming itinerary lets you get to know Istanbul apart from the old town Sultanahmet.

Taste several samplings, chat with shopkeepers, watch locals and make friends. Join this tour for an evening of great food and drink, history and culture, and lots of fun.


This tour runs every day except Sundays and starts at 95Euros.

Starting at 95 Euros
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