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  • Discover the second Ottoman Palace in Istanbul

Istanbul: Dolmabahce Palace Guided Tour

Experience the splendor, beauty, and rich history of Dolmabahce Palace on an unforgettable guided tour

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Adult (Ages 13+)
Child (Ages 3-12)
Infant (Ages 2 & Under)
Private Tour Base price for 2 people

 Join us on a Dolmabahce Palace Guided Tour In Istanbul

Discover the splendor, beauty, and history of Dolmabahce Palace in Istanbul on a guided tour. Your guide has the right to purchase priority tickets through a separate entrance. Step inside the palace and its lavish halls to see this late iconic Ottoman architectural masterpiece.

See the royal complex and head inside to explore Istanbul’s first European-style palace. Admire the ornate interiors of the Sultan’s State Apartments. Listen to facts behind the lavish residence extensively decorated with gold and crystal.

Marvel at the Ceremonial Hall with its glittering chandeliers, one of the most emblematic rooms in the palace where many events of great historic significance took place. Learn about the sultans of the Ottoman royal family and the traditions of the Harem housing the families.

Listen as your guide brings legendary characters to life with entertaining storytelling. Admire Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, the founder and first President of the Republic of Turkey, who used the palace as a presidential residence during the summers and enacted some of his most important works here.

After experiencing the grandeur of the interior, explore the beauty of the gardens – filled with statues, water fountains, and marble vases – at your leisure.