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Tour of Ephesus and the Terrace Houses Small Group Tour

All included tour to see what Ephesus has to offer - with port pick up option

Quick Details

  • We will pick you up from the port if you choose that option
  • Visit Ephesus to see the glory of Roman heritage in Turkey
  • See the legendary site with its famous Terrace Houses included
  • Learn about the history, the culture, and life in Rome from an expert guide
  • Visit the legendary Library of Celcus reconstructed by the archeology team. 
  • Complete your experience with a detailed tour of the famous Theatre of Ephesus
  • Enjoy the scenic road from the city to its harbor
  • Benefit from your guide’s knowledge on this private or small-group tour for a more interactive and personalized experience
Adult starts at the site 9 and over
Child starts at the site 3-8 years
Infant 0-2 Years
Adult with port pick up 9 and over
Child with port pick up 3-8 years

Tour of Ephesus and the Terrace Houses:

Discover the most famous Roman site in Turkey with its Terrace Houses included in the company of an expert guide.  We will pick you up if you choose that option.

Located on the western coast of Turkey, the ancient city of Ephesus is one of the oldest sites being excavated in Turkey. Learn about the marvel of its history, the archaeological studies and also visit the Terrace Houses to understand the daily lives of ordinary Roman citizens. There is no better place to experience the glamour of Rome as you view into days of its zenith.

Walk with your guide on the ancient city roads of Ephesus and explore its ancient walls scattered throughout the site as you learn how layered this city’s history is. See the famous Theatre at Ephesus and the reconstructed marvel of the Library of Celsus. Walk passing the massive Roman pillars, city walls, and towers down to the harbor.

Explore the vast remains of Ephesus as your guide talks about Greek mythology on the western coast of today’s modern Turkey. Understand the universal outstanding value of Greek culture shared between the shores of the Aegean Sea on the development of the European civilization, arts, and literature.

Stop at the theatre and dive into the history of this picturesque coastline to gain an understanding of the role of these little cities for the upcoming new religion of Christianity. Learn how the locals reacted to St. Paul’s journey and how Virgin Mary ended up at this site traveling through the Middle East. 

End your tour after a detailed brief that completes the journey of the Virgin Mary at Ephesus. Learn how Christianity spread starting with the original inhabitants of this scenic and strategically placed ancient city.

Leave your guide with enough knowledge to cover the Roman and Christian history of modern Turkey.